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Man Down Programme (MDP) was developed to support men or anyone who identifies as male in having honest and meaningful conversations about their mental well-being and experiences of distress or trauma.

The MDP have created toolkits and a bespoke training package specific to the music industries any of the people who work with in them.  There has been a significant increase in suicide rates in the UK with males making up to three quarters of those who die by suicide. Using data collected from our film we can address key themes and issues faced by those in the music industries.

We aim to continue to open discussion with people in the music industries surrounding the historical & cultural contributors to the idea of masculinity and normalising human emotion without the need for clinical diagnosis. We will also signpost, refer and support people in accessing appropriate help, and the people around these men in asking important and difficult questions to do this.

  • To address well-being agendas and keeping people who work in music industries safe and empowered.

  • To normalise feelings and open discussions on distress and trauma to reduce the epidemic of societal ‘toxic masculinity’.

  • Helping people to learn how to identify risk factors that may lead to self-harm, addiction, and suicidal behaviours.

  • Delivering training to young people who use community spaces or who are engaged in music as a means of early intervention to see impact on male suicide statistics and engagement with support services.

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