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Hopes for our future.

In a time of flux it is hard to keep sight of what is truly important. I myself have struggled to see how we can continue to function in such a trying time.

The aim of the MDP is to create and deliver training programmes to record labels, industry executives and anywhere that teaches music to young people.

The programme will look at how to keep artists and staff safe whilst touring, working on material, attempting to promote artists, gather momentum and book shows. The programme is for ALL staff in the music industry and will look at coping mechanisms, managing stress, reflecting on traumatic events, recovery, managing expectations, and when to signpost serious distress and more importantly how and where.

The film we are making captures the lived experiences of men currently working in music. Their narrative is paramount to making the realities of the industry resonate with the generations to come. The film is the key in our programme.

Each programme will be tailor-made for each company we work with. The hope is that we can income generate from the larger companies so that we can deliver training to youth groups and charities for free.

The programme is written by a registered mental health nurse an assistant psychologist and will be consulted on by a doctor, student nurses, registered nurses, counsellors as well as ensuring that we consult with charities that directly work with males from a BAME background. It is vital to us that this work represents the truth of distress and meets the needs of all males to ensure parity of quality in our delivery.

At present it is safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has directly affected the music industry, we ourselves have been affected, interviews cancelled and funding lost. However our priority is to continue fighting to save our programme and being an open ear and champion of the men we are aiming to help.

Now more than ever we need the music community to pull together and be creative in their support of one another.

Every man for themselves is an archaic response to a battle – every man should be there for each other and we must keep these conversations going.

Please head feel free to share anything on our social media platforms that is supportive of artists (any gender) and share your knowledge of help/support/methods of coping as a self-employed creative at this time.

ANYTHING that contravenes our policy of respect will be removed.

There is a zero tolerance to any form of abuse – this is not subjective either.

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